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Contractor Requirements (click here)


The Oklahoma City Housing Authority requests contractors to provide competitive bids on modernization and/or rehabilitation work in Oklahoma City.  Work Estimated under $50,000.00 is bid through a list of approved contractors.  To receive an application, please contact our office at (405) 602-5534.  Contractors must maintain Worker's Compensation, General Liability and Automotive Insurance.





Contractor Requirements:

The Oklahoma City Housing Authority contracts a large amount of modernization/revitalization work with local Contractors.

All Contractors are required to maintain the following insurance requirements:


Worker's Compensation, according to the State of Oklahoma statutes;


General Liability, $500,000.00 for each occurrence;


Automotive Liability, $500,000.00 per occurrence on all owned and non-owned vehicles.

Modernization/revitalization work estimated under $50,000.00 is bid through a list of approved Contractors.  Should you wish to be included on that list, please contact the Asst. Director of Maintenance/Tech Services at (405) 602-5535 for an application.

Jobs over $50,000.00 are advertised in contractor's information services like:


Southwest Construction News;


Bid News;


Dodge Reports

Requirements for the work contained in bid packets depend on the work being performed and can be quite technical.  Contractors should obtain a copy of the bid packet from the Technical Services department of the Oklahoma City Housing Authority at:

1700 Northeast Fourth Street,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,

phone (405) 602-5533,

or email techserv@ochanet.org.

All bid packets for modernization/revitalization work estimated at $50,000.00 and over require a deposit.