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How to Apply for Public Housing

Thank you for your inquiry concerning the Oklahoma City Housing Authority's low rent housing program. Should you wish to make an application, please gather the information listed below that pertains to you.  After the information has been gathered, please call for an appointment at any development office.

Required For All Applicants

1.  PICTURE  IDENTIFICATION: A valid picture identification (driver license, military, state, school, etc.) must be provided for the head of household regardless of age as well as all other persons living in the household who are eighteen (18) years of age or older.

2.  SOCIAL SECURITY: A valid social security card must be provided for all persons to be living in the residence who are six (6) years of age or older.

3.  CURRENT/PREVIOUS LANDLORD: Bring names and addresses of current/previous landlords for the past five (5) years.

4.  CITIZENSHIP: Bring visa, alien card, etc. if not a citizen of the USA.

Do you have any of the following incomes or expenses?

1.  DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES,-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Aid to Disabled (AD), Old Age Assistance (OAA), Aid to the Blind (AB), etc., bring your case number/medical card with you.

2.  EMPLOYMENT: Bring the name and mailing address of your employer.

3.  UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Bring a printout from the Oklahoma Employment Services Commission.

4.  RETIREMENT BENEFITS: (Veterans Administration, Civil Service, railroad company, etc.), bring the claim numbers and mailing address for the source of your benefits.

5.  SOCIAL SECURITY: For Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Widows Benefit, Child Benefits, bring current verification of amounts received. Examples of verifications: bank statement, Social Security award letter, cost of living adjustment notice, SSA-1 099 (Social Security benefit statement). Toll free telephone number to contact the Social Security Administration is 1-800-772-1213. Medicare premiums should be included.

6.  BANK ACCOUNTS: Bring the most recent bank statement for all checking/saving accounts.

7.  INTEREST/ANNUITIES: Bring statements for the last four (4) quarters or a statement from the bank or company from whom you are receiving income. This statement must include account number, current balance, and amount of interest or percentage rate earned during the past four (4) quarters. If you receive an annuity, provide a letter from the company from which you receive the income stating the current balance and amount paid to you each month.

8.  STOCK: Bring statements for the year or letter from the company showing income, number of shares owned and type of stock (common or preferred).

9.  RENTAL INCOME: Bring information on any rental income received.

10. PROPERTY: Bring verification of market value for all real estate properties owned.

11. CHILD SUPPORT/ALIMONY: Bring a letter from the source (Dept. of Human Services/Child Support Enforcement, mother/father/guardian) verifying  the monthly amount.

12. MEDICAL ALLOWANCE INFORMATION: Bring in bills, reimbursements received, and proof of payment for medical expenses during the last twelve (12) months. Over-the-counter medications are allowed if prescribed by a physician. Documentation of prescriptions must be presented. Deductions are only allowable for head of household or spouse who is 62 years of age or older or disabled.

13. CHILD CARE ALLOWANCE INFORMATION: Bring actual child care expenses for the care of children, including foster children, age 12 and younger They maybe deducted from annual income if requirements are met under the guidelines. Also bring the name and address of the child care center and/or sitter(s) caring for your child/children.

14. DISABILITY ASSISTANCE ALLOWANCE: Bring in verification of care being provided for a disabled family member who is over the age of 12.

Need more information? 
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or phone 239-7551.










List of All Developments

Family Senior
Will Rogers Courts
1620 Heyman,
Oklahoma City, OK  73108
(405) 632-6060
McGuire Plaza
1316 Northeast 12th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73117
(405) 424-1475
Oak Grove
3301 Southwest 17th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73108
(405) 681-2381
The Towers
135 Northwest 9th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73102
(405) 236-3527
Ambassador Courts
800 Southeast 15th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73129
(405) 631-3769
Classen Senior Center
913 Northwest 12th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73106
(405) 236-4438
Sooner Haven
1444 Northeast 36th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73111
(405) 424-4651
Shartel Towers
5415 South Shartel
        Oklahoma City, OK  73109
(405) 631-3353
Fred Factory Gardens
3901 Dungee Boulevard
        Spencer, OK  73084
(405) 769-3393
Danforth Senior Center
5301 North Meridian
        Oklahoma City, OK  73112
(405) 789-3021
Northeast Scattered Sites
2053 Northeast 29th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73111
(405) 424-5219
Andrews Square
2101 South Harvey
        Oklahoma City, OK  73109
(405) 634-2435
Scattered Sites
1316 Northeast 12th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73117
(405) 424-8309
Reding Senior Center
1000 Southwest 38th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73109
(405) 631-0573
Jeltz Senior Center
1225 North Kate
        Oklahoma City, OK  73117
(405) 424-3379
Hillcrest Senior Center
2325 Southwest 59th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73119
(405) 682-4618
Candle Lake Senior Center
3540 Northwest 56th St.
        Oklahoma City, OK  73112
(405) 949-1120