Board Meetings

Information about the OCHA/CEC Board

The OCHA/CEC Board is comprised of five members, one of whom is a resident of housing under the jurisdiction of the Authority, appointed by the Mayor of the City of Oklahoma City and confirmed by the City Council for rotating three-year terms.  Board members dedicate their time and expertise to offer guidance, establish policy and help meet the need for safe, sanitary and decent housing for low and fixed income citizens of Oklahoma City.  Further information about the Board's role and responsibilities is available in the OCHA Bylaws and CEC Bylaws.

Public Comments

Meetings are open to the public.  Public comments will be heard during the agenda item “Citizens to be heard”.  The public must register to speak at least 24 hours before the board meeting.  For those wishing to provide public comment, registration is required by submitting the below form via email to or by contacting 405-239-7551.  Comments are limited to the items on the agenda.  Speaking time will be limited to 5 minutes.

Request To Be Heard form (PDF)

2024 Board Meetings

January 24th July 24th
February 28th August 28th
March 27th September 25th
April 24th October 23rd
May 22nd November 20th
June 26th December 18th


OCHA/CEC Board Members

Chair Rocky
Vice Chair Annette Jacobi
Commissioner Wayland
Commissioner Alex

OCHA/CEC Board Meeting Agendas

Note: Agendas for prior Board Meetings not listed below can be accessed by submitting a records request.

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Board of Commissioners/Directors Meeting Agendas24 documents

  • OCHA - Agenda 05-22-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 207
  • CEC - Agenda 05-22-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 206
  • OCHA - Agenda 04-24-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 201
  • CEC - Agenda 04-24-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 200
  • OCHA - Agenda 03-27-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 199
  • CEC - Agenda 03-27-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 198
  • OCHA - Agenda 02-28-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 196
  • CEC - Agenda 02-28-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 195
  • OCHA - Agenda 01-24-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 193
  • CEC - Agenda 01-24-2024.pdf
    document _recordid 191
  • OCHA - Agenda 12-20-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 187
  • CEC - Agenda 12-20-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 186
  • OCHA - Agenda 11-15-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 185
  • CEC - Agenda 11-15-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 183
  • OCHA - Agenda 10-25-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 182
  • CEC - Agenda 10-25-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 181
  • OCHA - Agenda 09-28-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 178
  • CEC - Agenda 09-28-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 177
  • OCHA - Agenda 08-23-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 176
  • CEC - Agenda 08-23-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 175
  • OCHA - Agenda 07-26-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 174
  • CEC - Agenda 07-26-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 173
  • OCHA - Agenda 06-28-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 172
  • CEC - Agenda 06-28-2023.pdf
    document _recordid 171