Senior Staff

Profession Name   405-239-7551
Executive Director Mark Gillett Ext. 219
Asst. Executive Director - Operations Nancy Wilson Ext. 219
Asst. Executive Director - Planning and Development Ian Colgan Ext. 219
Chief Financial Officer Thomas Henderson Ext. 230
Director of Public Housing Matt Mills Ext. 277
Director of Housing Voucher Program
Richard Marshall Ext. 253
Director of Technical Services Spencer Matheny Ext. 278
Resident Services Manager Laura Gregory Ext. 221
Real Estate Development Manager
Kassy Malone Ext. 650
Director of Asset Management
Chad Ainsworth Ext. 605
Chief of Staff
Jaclyn Sullivan Ext. 312
Information Systems Manager David Calvert Ext. 215
Human Resources Manager Alana Facello Ext. 224
Chief of Security Dan Flanagan Ext. 284

Senior Staff Organizational Chart