Five Year Plan

The Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act contains important guidelines for the operations and programs of public housing and tenant-based assistance. These guidelines are designed to revitalize and improve HUD's public housing and tenant-based assistance programs. One of the most important aspects of the Act is the introduction of the Public Housing Agency Plans--a Five-year Plan and an Annual Plan. 

The Five-year Plan describes the mission of the PHA and the PHA's long range goals and objectives for achieving its mission over the subsequent five years. The Annual Plan provides details about the PHA's immediate operations, program participants, programs and services, and the PHA's strategy for handling operational concerns, residents' concerns and needs, programs and services for the upcoming fiscal year. 

The Oklahoma City Housing Authority has long believed greater efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved by engaging in comprehensive planning activities that allow us to examine the needs of the individuals we serve, consult with interested and affected parties, and design strategies to address those needs. It is for these important reasons we prepared our Annual and Five-year Plan.

A copy of our completed Plan Template and related attachments can be viewed by clicking on the links to the left. The Plan Template contains a copy of our Capital Fund request.  A copy of the Statement of Progress is also available.  

Interested persons are invited to review backup documentation for our Plan by calling the Executive Office at (405) 239-7551 to make an appointment.