Open Records Request

Under the Oklahoma Open Records Act, OCHA provides access to public records for those who request them.

When a Records Request is made, OCHA acknowledges receipt of the request and then conducts a diligent and thorough search for documents that are requested. If record(s) are identified, the record(s) will be made available along with information about any exceptions or redactions. Please note, Record Request are limited to accessing existing records; a Records Request is not a mechanism for asking questions or submitting comments.

The more specific the Records Request, the more efficient it is for OCHA to perform an expedient search for records. Broad requests, may significantly extend the time it will take OCHA to search, review, and release any records.

Submitting Record Requests

Submit the Records Request Form via email or mail. Records requests can be emailed to  or mailed to:

Oklahoma City Housing Authority
Attn: Records Requests
1700 NE 4th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

If you are requesting your own records, please submit a legible copy of your government-issued identification with the Records Request Form.

If you are requesting someone else’s records, that person must complete and submit a notarized consent form authorizing OCHA to release their records to you.

OCHA Records Request Form (PDF)

OCHA Consent to Release Form (PDF)

Records Request Production Fees

Except as otherwise provided by law, the following schedule of fees shall apply to records requests in compliance with Oklahoma’s Open Records Act. Payment of fees in advance of production may be required.

  • Twenty-five cents ($0.25) per page for records having the dimensions of eight and one-half (8 ½) by fourteen (14) inches or smaller;
  • One dollar ($1.00) per copied page for a certified copy;
  • Five dollars ($5.00) per CD or DVD
  • Direct cost of media for any other media (flash or thumb drive, memory card, or other specialty media)
    • Requester provided thumb or flash drives need to be new and in original packaging. OCHA does not accept drives that have been used in any way due to virus/malware concerns.
  • Additional fee to recover the direct cost of total time spent searching and copying existing public record(s), to be charged only when the request:
    • Is solely for commercial purposes; or
    • Would clearly cause an excessive disruption of the essential functions of the Authority.