Participant Assistance Programs

Family Self-Sufficiency Program
Empowering our community one family at a time.

What Is Family Self-Sufficiency?

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary program for participants in the Section 8 Housing Program.  Its purpose is to assist families improve their economic situation and reduce their dependence on public assistance.

The FSS program is for those who are unemployed or already employed but want to increase their income and who are willing to commit to changing their lives.

Each FSS participant creates a five-year plan that includes employment goals and identifies training or educational needs.  FSS staff will work with the household to identify, locate, and arrange for the services they need to accomplish these goals.  Services might include child care, education, transportation, personal development, résumés, job training and placement.

As FSS participants succeed in raising their family income, the portion of their monthly income contributed toward their Section 8 rent payment also increases.  HUD regulations allow a percentage of this rent increase to be deposited into an interest bearing escrow account for the family.  If the family meets its goals within five years and "graduates" from welfare assistance for a period of twelve consecutive months, they will receive the funds in this account.  This is a great incentive for those new in the work force and for those ready to reach goals set early in life.  Many participants use this escrow as a down payment in purchasing a home or to start their own business.

For more information and to sign-up, contact the FSS Coordinator at:

Oklahoma City Housing Authority
Attn:  FSS Coordinator
1800 N.E. 4th St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

(405) 605-3279


Family Unification Program
The Section 8 Family Unification Program is for family’s who have lost their children or are in danger of losing their children due to one of the primary factors being inadequate housing. Participants must be referred by the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division. Families who have Child Welfare Caseworkers should contact their Caseworkers to see if they qualify. If you believe you may qualify but do not have a Child Welfare Caseworker, we may refer you to a Child Welfare Caseworker for determination of eligibility.

For more information regarding this program, please call (405) 605-3264.

Mainstream Program for Persons with Disabilities
This program provides housing assistance for disabled families and individuals of all ages.
For more information regarding this program, please call (405) 605-3264.

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing
Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance for homeless veterans with case management and clinical services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.For more information regarding this program, please call (405) 605-3264.

Village at Oakwood
Village at Oakwood is an assisted living community.  Prospective residents have to be a member of the Medicaid Advantage Waiver Program, handicapped or disabled, and 62 years of age or older.For more information regarding this program, please call (405) 605-3264.

Pershing Center
Pershing Center is a supportive housing program designed to provide a supportive community environment that assists homeless individuals in transitioning out of homelessness and into permanent housing.For more information regarding this program, please call (405) 605-3264.

Single Room Occupancy Program (SRO)
The SRO Program is a collaborative project with the Neighborhood Services Organization and Community Counseling Center to provide housing and supportive needs to the homeless chronically mentally ill population.For more information regarding this program, please call (405) 605-3264.