Portability is the ability of the family to move from the current housing agency's jurisdiction to another housing agency's jurisdiction. Voucher families who are eligible may move anywhere in the United States where a housing agency is administering the Housing Voucher (HV) Program. In order to "port" to another housing agency you must have been a resident of Oklahoma City at least one (1) year. If you decide you would like to move to another jurisdiction outside the Oklahoma City limits, you should contact your OCHA Representative and they will provide the necessary information and procedures. The following is the responsibility of the family requesting a portable move:

  • Sign and date a statement requesting to relocate outside OCHA's jurisdiction stating the receiving housing agency's name and address;
  • Issue the current landlord a proper notice to vacate the unit (applies to current participants only);
  • Submit a Request for Tenancy Approval with the receiving housing agency by the established deadline. The receiving housing agency's payment and occupancy standards will apply when the family chooses to relocate which may change the bedroom size of the voucher.

Incoming Portability

Eligible HV program households interested in porting into OCHA’s jurisdiction must make a written request to their assigned representative in the current jurisdiction in which they reside and comply with their portability rules. The issuing housing agency will mail, email, or fax the portability packet to OCHA. We will contact the household for the intake process, then schedule a voucher briefing.

Incoming portability packets may be sent to:

Oklahoma City Housing Authority
ATTN: Incoming Portability
1800 N.E. 4th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Or faxed to:

(405) 605-3270

Or emailed to: